Starknet and Cairo Hacker Houses

The Starknet Hacker House is an offline event where teams of developers, especially those with a minimum viable product or the capacity to develop one, compete and collaborate. Participants, who must have experience within the Cairo and Starknet ecosystem, work under the mentorship of Starknet builders. The event aims to foster the growth and integration of new developers into the core Starknet community.

Get ready for the next Hacker House in Brussels 2024!

Ahead of ETHCC and StarknetCC, the Starknet Hacker House is designed to empower teams to build, innovate, and scale their ideas on Starknet. We invite you to apply in teams, fostering teamwork and turning your ideas into viable business ventures. Come hack with us and explore the limits of Starknet!:wolf::dizzy:

Food and accommodation are all included!

Join us from July 2nd to July 6th. Hack with us and buidl your vision into reality!( β€œRaising hands”)

Register here: