How to start with Cairo

A step-by-step roadmap to get started with the Cairo language

  1. The Cairo Book to jump into Cairo syntax and writing your first program

  2. Cairo documentation

  3. Starklings to practice your Cairo syntax

To practice your smart-contract development skills:

  1. NodeGuardians

  2. OnlyDust, contribute to open-source projects

  3. Starknet Basecamp hub, a free coding bootcamp specifically designed to teach developers how to create web3 apps on Starknet using Cairo

  4. Basecamp 8 recordings

  5. Starknet-by-example

Useful tooling

  1. Scarb, the package manager for Cairo, by Software Mansion

  2. Starknet Foundry, a toolchain for developing Starknet smart contracts, by Software Mansion

  3. VSCode Cairo extension

  4. Starknet Hardhat plugin

  5. Starkli, a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool designed for Starknet interaction

  6. Katana, for running a local node